Menu in English


Plate of Italian cold meats and pickles – PLN 36

Plate of Italian cheese, served with dried tropical fruit and grapes – PLN 36

„Fifty-fifty” plate cold meats and cheese with side dishes – PLN 36

Beef loin Carpaccio with Grana Padano flakes, rucola leaves, capers, lime-mustard dressing and croutons – PLN 39

Bruschetta with goat’s cheese, tomatoes, Parma ham, black olives, sprinkled with basil pesto – PLN 34/19

Marinated octopus Carpaccio with wild garlic and lemon pepper with lamb’s lettuce, di seppia sea salt,
honey and onion dressing and croutons – PLN 39

Tiger prawns in sizzling olive oil with garlic, chilli, parsley, cherry tomatoes and croutons – PLN 39

Tiger prawns in tomatoes with croutons – PLN 39


Lettuces with fresh vegetables, olive oil and croutons – PLN 18/10

Goat’s cheese baked on a baguette with lettuces, tomatoes, bits of kohlrabi, baked beetroot, caramelized fig
and honey-mustard dressing – PLN 35/22

Bits of grilled salmon on spinach leaves and rucola with cucumber, red grapefruit, chives, green pepper, capers with pomegranate dressing
and croutons – PLN 34/24

Cos lettuce with bits of grilled chicken breast and slices of baked bacon, tomato, cucumber, Parmesan cheese flakes and caesarian dressing
and croutons – PLN 34/21

Slices of grilled beef loin on lettuces with avocado, cucumber, pomegranate, tomato, caramelized onion and balsamic-mustard dressing
with croutons – PLN 38/24


Pasta (pasta fresca: spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne)

Carbonara with butter and onion, bacon, white wine, cream, yolk, parsley and grated Parmesan cheese – PLN 33

Grilled bits of chicken breast with olive oil, garlic, peperoncino, balsamic onions, white wine, coriander, rucola, ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes and grated Parmesan cheese – PLN 37

Shrimps in olive oil with garlic, onion, scallops, sesame oil, peperoncino, coriander, white wine, butter and lime – PLN 44

Vegan paste with garlic, leek, stir fry sprouts, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, parsley and peperoncino – PLN 34

Pomodoro with olive oil, garlic, onion and tomato sauce, parsley and Parmesan cheese – PLN 27

Shrimps with garlic, artichoke, olive oil, sun-dry tomatoes, jalapeno, cream and tomato sauce – PLN 43

Bits of chicken breast with onion, garlic, olive oil, jalapeno, pink ginger, soya sauce, white wine, cream and Parmesan cheese – PLN 39

Aglio olio with garlic, olive oil, peperoncino pepper, parsley and Parmesan cheese – PLN 29

Meat of baked duck in cream sauce with butter, garlic, onion and truffle paste, sun-dry tomatoes, white wine, parsley
and grated Parmesan cheese – PLN 45


Classical home chicken soup with bits of chicken, strozzapreti pasta and parsley – PLN 14

Baked tomato soup with orange note, mozzarella and rucola leaves – PLN 14

Pumpkin cream with ginger, coconut milk, pumpkin seed oil and creme fresh – PLN 16

Fish broth with fresh sea fruit, seasoned with tomatoes – PLN 26


Shrimps in wine- butter sauce on vegetables with garlic croutons – PLN 45

Grilled chicken breast in sun-dry tomatoes and green pepper sauce, served with mini boletus tart and lettuces – PLN 45

Duck breast in black currant sauce with dumplings stuffed with pear and taleggio cheese – PLN 54

Roasted salmon fillet served on mustard sauce with peas purée and salad with fennel, rucola, orange and cherry tomatoes – PLN 52

Seasonal Polish beef loin steak in green pepper sauce, served with sweet potato chips and salad with rucola and capers – PLN 69


Penne with tomato sauce – PLN 12

Chicken fillets with lettuce and fries or potato gnocchi – PLN 14


Chief’s soufflé with cardamum note and hazelnut ice cream – PLN 18

Cheesecake a’la Kotłownia with white chocolate and raspberry mouse – PLN 18

Vanilla ice-cream with bits of meringue and passion fruit sauce – PLN 16

Tiramisu – PLN 18


Espresso Kimbo/Illy – PLN 6/7

Espresso doppio Kimbo/Illy – PLN 8/9

Espresso macchiato Kimbo/Illy – PLN 8/9

Americano Kimbo/Illy – PLN 8/9

Cappuccino Kimbo/Illy – PLN 8/9

Caffè latte Kimbo/Illy – PLN 10/11

Ronnefeldt Tea (cup/pot) – PLN 6/12

Cisowianka water 0.3l (gassy, still) – PLN 6

Cisowianka water 0.7l (gassy, still) – PLN 15

Lemonade 400 ml – PLN 14

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Tonic, Nestea – PLN 6

Cappy Juices 200 ml (orange, apple, currant, grapefruit, tomato) – PLN 6

Freshly squeesed juice (orange, grapefruit) – PLN 15

Beer: Nastro Azzurro, Moretti, Peroni 0.33l – PLN 11